that sounds like responsibility and i want no part in it

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Whatcha’ thinkin’ bout?

"You getting over here"

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Anonymous: whats your favourite film, book, actor, band, album, song, colour, actress, comedian, blog, tattoo, item of clothing, picture of you, tv series, makeup, dance, city, place in your hometown, joke, food, drink and anything else i can't think of?

I love sooo many movies! But if i had to pick one…The Warriors
Tietam Brown
Kurt Russell 
Municipal Waste!
Heavy Metal Soundtrack (1981)
In the City - Joe Walsh
Sigorney Weaver
Louis C.K
Uhh, I don’t know.
My neck! Done by Paul Fulton
FrightRags Escape from NY baseball shirt
This one!! I look gross - but i’m with my HERO 
FRASIER. Hands down.
Armani silk skin foundation
.Uhhh…The macarena? 
My Mothers house 
Something inappropriate
White Russian

Fuck, that was pretty hard! Who sent this? I want to know yours!


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